DevOps Vision: Automation for DevOps

Intelligent Automation to speed up manual tasks, fix job issues and improve DevOps process.  Automatically ON/OFF/SNOOZE your machines to reduce cost. Schedule backups and delete/create snapshots based on policy. Delete unattached volumes and set data retention policies etc.


  • Cloud Parking – On/Off/Snooze
  • Disaster Recovery Ready
  • Costs Analytics
  • Automated Cloud Services Actions
  • Identify bottlenecks – Resource view


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Cloud Instance on/off

Setup your schedule for automatic On & Off with easy to use calendar view. Support for grouping machines, teams, and advance snoozing functions to extend schedules for those long hours days.

Snapshots management

Increase productivity and save costs by improving snapshot usage. Schedule and auto delete snapshots through retention policies. Keep track of all snapshots in one place.

Enterprise Security – SSO (AD/LDAP Integration)

IAM Security integrations frameworks provide rapid sign on process, and keeping credentials save on your networks.

Role Based Access Control

Enterprise grade RBAC functions that provides role based access control for managing compliance and governance. For greater security Instances can be assigned to groups and users to create segmentation.

Consolidated Dashboard

All your instances, tags, regions in one view.

Cost Analytics, Reporting & Alerts

Drill down custom Reports organized by teams, and accounts. Alerts generated for schedules, costs savings.


Secure API

Get access to all functions to automate your provisioning portal and DevOps for CI/CD process.

Recommendation Engine

Auto schedules assigned based on tags during discovery process.

Instance on/off scheduling

Specify on periods via easy drag and drop such as highlight eight hours from 8AM to 4PM and specify your time zone. You can also auto select based on tags on the instances, or simply select pre-built schedules such as pick 7AM to 7PM, or 8AM to 6PM etc. We support daylight savings time for all regions in the world.

Cost Analytics & Reporting

Deep analytics cost savings analysis drill down by day, week, month’s customer date range. Compare with or without schedules on what they true savings are. A typical Test, Dev, QA, instance is need for 10 hours a day 5 days a week. This results in over 65%+ of savings over just keep the instance running.

Team Management

Got 1000 developers across 50 teams, with over 100 AWS credentials, not to worry us can handle it seamlessly and provide all the security through Role Based Access Control. One team can be completely isolated and secured from another, including reporting, alerts etc. In addition we support SSO through your choice of IAM solutions such as OKta, onelogin etc. Meet security compliance and governance through our RBAC process.

Developer Hot Buttons (snoozing)

Developers sometime need extra hours and need to keep the machine running and override to stay on or snooze the machine. One hot button on the dashboard can take care of this. You specify to keep it running beyond the scheduled off cycle or instantly start and turn on an off state instance. DevOps love our hot buttons.

Connect to AWS and Light up your Dashboard

We use AWS best practice of IAM Roles and IAM User credentials. Once entered we auto scan and discover all your instances in all regions as shown in a single consolidated view. Once shown, you can easily select pre-built schedules or create custom ones to your preference.

Advance drill down/up Reports & Charts

Cloudnosys provides basic audit and historical reports as well as advance reports including Instance utilization reports, cost saving reports. Users can view related information about instances, bills and future savings reports on Bar charts along with tabular information. All advance reports and charts have drill down and drill up functionality to better visualize data.

Snapshot management

Ever wondered how many snap shots you have and how old they are, or how much are they costing you. Those forgotten snapshots can pile up costs, and violate your data retention policies. With our snapshot management all those worries goes away. Manage retention policies, create and schedule new snapshots easily, delete old snapshots, get alerted for all your snapshots to maintain your DR strategy.