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What are you waiting for? Apply now!

Current Open Positions

Software Security Java Engineer

The Software Security Engineer will be knowledgeable in development processes with experience in developing secure applications. Applicant will have a key role in the development and implementation of a secure Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Applicant will drive the secure implementation of front-end web-based technologies on our platforms to support revenue and user growth for Cloudnosys Interactive digital products which include consumer-facing web sites, mobile applications, and content applications.

Job Description:

  • Work closely with the development teams within an agile development process to fix security issues identified in largescale user-facing web applications
  • Lead and mentor developers in utilize secure development techniques and libraries
  • Work closely with application development teams to assess the security posture of applications
  • Collaborate with Development and Software Engineering teams to identify deficiencies in, improving company policies & procedures for, and executing on a Secure SDLC
  • Lead in the development and providing guidance during architecture and design activities of new and existing applications, while also conducting architectural risk and impact assessments on new and existing applications
  • Maintain knowledge of current and emerging secure application technologies/products/trends related to architectural solutions; actively and continuously share this knowledge with others
  • Communicate Findings/Remediation Guidance/Security Design Patterns to development teams in a concise and succinct manner
  • Increase knowledge in application security through self-study, training, and certifications.
  • Research and gather secure code specifications and requirements based on OWASP
  • Stay connected to emerging technologies/industry trends and apply them into operations and activities

Knowledge, Skills, Qualifications and Experience:

  • Passionate about building and maintaining world-class, secure consumer-facing products
  • Experience in secure development of largescale, user-facing web applications
  • Understanding of the HTTP protocol which includes the different parts of a client request and server response
  • Experience working with, and theoretical knowledge of front-end architectural topics (HTTP, Cookies, caching, web performance, scalability, security, third-party integrations)
  • Hands-on experience with the following technologies:
    • Web Technologies: JavaScript, Java, Node.js, Angular, MEAN, MongoDB, AJAX, HTML, XML, XSL, CSS, JSP,
    • Code Quality Tools: JSLint or similar
    • Content Management Tools: Adobe Experience Manager/CQ
  • Collaborate effectively with local and remote coworkers
  • Raise key technical/process/risk issues and takes initiative to balance better/faster with secure ways of achieving desired outcomes
  • Excellent problem solving & troubleshooting skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills with ability to adjust to technical and non-technical audiences
  • Passion for learning with a track record of acquiring new skills and technologies in a rapid fashion
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or a related field, or equivalent knowledge of computer science theory
  • A solid understanding of how web applications work including security, session management, and best development practices
  • Hands-on experience with network diagnostics, network analytics tools
  • Strong understanding of Agile Development, QA and Continuous Integration methods


  • CISSP Certification
  • Familiarity with the Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber Defense
  • Strong understanding of OWASP best practices
  • 6+ years experience in secure web development with a focus on front-end technologies (JavaScript, CSS, and HTML)
  • Industry Training and Certifications:
    • ISC^2:
      • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
      • CSSLP – Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP)
    • SANS:
      • GIAC Secure Software Programmer-Java (GSSP-Java)
      • GIAC Secure Software Programmer- .NET (GSSP-.NET)
      • GIAC Certified Web Application Defender (GWEB)
  • Leading technical change in a nonhierarchical environment
  • Content management / page publishing systems usage
  • Development of web applications with an ad-based revenue model
  • Integrating front end code with Java technology stacks
  • Automation tools for building of front end assets
  • Hands on experience with the following technologies:
    • Development Languages: PHP, Objective C
    • Build Tools: Node.JS, Grunt, Jira
    • Version Control: Git, SVN, BitBucket
    • OS: Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, Linux/Unix
    • Cloud services: EC2, CloudFront, S3, Akamai
  • Mobile web-based development and optimization