Security and Compliance Monitoring
for HIPAA, PCI, FISMA & more

Continuous monitoring of cloud resources and alert on security and compliance violations



Cloudnosys brought security, compliance, cost savings, simplicity and elegance to our disparate AWS environments globally in a day.
My developers love the dashboard hot button features to control the machines.

Mohammad Hanif

CTO, Knowledge Management, Inc.

Security and Compliance

Real time monitoring of your AWS resources for security and compliance violations based on over 150+ best practices, including industry leading HIPAA, PCI, FISMA, NIST and Center for Internet Security (CIS) AWS Foundations Benchmark.

Cloud Instance on/off

Automatically turn off/on/snooze your AWS and Azure cloud instances and create services groups with ease. We auto discover your instances, services, and tags then set schedules based on enterprise policies. Supports all time zones. Making Cloud parking simple.

DevOps Automation

Intelligent automation to speed up manual tasks, fix job issues and improve DevOps process. Manage disaster recovery, retention process, scheduling resources. Additional automation through tags in your CI/CD Workflows.

CloudEye: Security & Compliance

CloudEye Continuously Secure your cloud services and automate compliance.  Over 150+ Cloudnosys best practice rules track and monitor your AWS services for security and compliance violations.  Dashboard and reports keep you fully informed of any Risks. Learn more…


  • Continuous Security Scanning
  • Alert on Vulnerabilities
  • Audit Reports on Security and Compliance
  • Fast Remediation
  • Supports PCI-DSS, HIPAA, AWS CIS Benchmark and FISMA mandates


Focus Solution built for CISO, Security Engineers and Security Network Operations Center (SNOC).



Ensure that you that you have policy guardrails in place to meet security and compliance. Rapidly detect and remediate risks across your resource configurations, network architecture, IAM policies and more. For instance you can actively track and monitor publically exposed S3, and EBS volumes. Providing complete governance, and risk management functions for the cloud assets.

Global Brands Trust Cloudnosys

Executive Summary

Northstar Technologies, Inc.
We deployed Cloudnosys in minutes and were amazed at the visibility and control we gained over our entire global cloud footprint for compliance and security. The platform maintains Cloud infrastructure compliance posture and keeps regulators satisfied during audits.

Mark Schlake
Director of Product Strategy,
Security and Risk.
Northstar Technologies, Inc